Reports say Ashley Hebert is celebrating her bachelorette party in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE - Ashley Hebert, the star from "The Bachelorette" is only weeks away from getting married to JP Rosenbaum on National TV.

Hebert and Rosenbaum met each other on the ABC show, "The Bachelorette" and have been preparing their wedding for months.

With the wedding quickly approaching, there have been reports of Hebert being seen in Scottsdale.

According to Wetpaint , Hebert is having her bachelorette party in Scottsdale and celebrating with friends.

Wetpaint said they had a "tipster" see Hebert check into the W Hotel in Scottsdale.

Hebert's and Rosenbaum's wedding will air on ABC15 on December 16 th.

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