Pink: 'My husband is more in love with our daughter than with me'

PINK fears her husband CAREY HART is more in love with their daughter, Willow, than her.

The Raise Your Glass hitmaker welcomed her first child with her motorcross pro hubby in 2011, and she is still gushing over her daughter's positive presence in her life.

And in an interview with TV host Ellen DeGeneres, she reveals that Hart is the much softer parent in the relationship, especially since she believes he has more of a fondness for their daughter than for his wife.

She explains, "He's a sucker. I'm the bad cop. I watched him just fall in love the day we brought her home. It's like watching the person you love fall in love for the first time (with someone else). I'm not jealous.

"Our love is complicated, but (Willow) brings us closer together. We're a good little team. We go all over the world and we're together every day. It's just so yummy. Everyone around us is fighting and it just brings us closer together because we get to laugh at them."

Pink and Hart have had a rocky romance ever since they began dating in 2001, but their on-and-off relationship finally came to a head when they decided to tie the knot in 2006.

She adds, "We've been married for eight years this year... we might have to break up again soon!"

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