Miley Cyrus kisses Hannah Montana goodbye with 'We Can't Stop'

Miley Cyrus kissed her innocent Disney persona, Hannah Montana, goodbye with her new track "We Can't Stop," reported

Not only have the lyrics stirred controversy over her singing about drugs, but her ultra-racy, bizarre video has also created a frenzy.

One of the lyrics says, "dancing with Miley;" however, fans are speculating whether the song really says "dancing with molly," which is another name for ecstasy.

Miley has dismissed all speculation that her song is about taking drugs and blames the confusion on her accent, the report said.

The video also features scenes of the former Disney star making out with an oversized Barbie doll, wearing "grillz," and "twerking" on several women, all the while wearing a do-rag and leotard.


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