Robin Williams hanged himself at California home, officials say

Robin Williams committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt at his San Francisco Bay Area home, sheriff's officials said Tuesday.

Marin County Sheriff's Lt. Keith Boyd said Williams was found in a bedroom by his personal assistant on Monday at his Tiburon home. Boyd said toxicology tests will be performed and the investigation is ongoing.

Williams was reportedly last seen by his wife the night before, but it's unknown what time Williams himself turned in for the night.

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His wife had left the home around 10:30 the next morning when he was presumed to be asleep, but an assistant who became worried entered his bedroom in the 11 hour. He was found slightly suspended with a belt around his neck when the assistant gained entry to his room, Boyd said.

A pocket knife with what resembled blood was also found in the home, but it is unknown at this time if the blood-like substance is related to the incident.

The Marin County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Williams had been seeking treatment for depression. Just last month, Williams announced he was returning to a 12-step treatment program.

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The complete investigation is still underway.



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