Katie Couric starts 2nd season of talk show on ABC15

Just a week after getting engaged, Katie Couric began the second season of her talk show 3 p.m. Monday on ABC15.

Rapper Lil Wayne joined Couric for an interview, and 4-year-old Darla Holloway, who sang "God Bless America" at Fenway Park, sat down with her mother and Couric to talk about being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Her fiancé John Molner also surprised her with a visit.

Molner, a partner at investment firm Brown Brothers Harriman , proposed to Couric over Labor Day weekend in East Hampton.

He whisked her off to the beach to ask for her hand. And even though Couric was looking to settle down, Molner's proposal initially caught her off guard.

"He said that there was a reason he'd brought me there to the beach, and that he loved me and was committed to me, and I said, 'Yeah, I know that, you didn't have to bring me here to tell me that,'" Couric recalls. "Finally he said, 'Couric, I'm trying to propose to you,' and I was stunned."

She was so stunned at first that she couldn't even respond.

"It took me a while to say yes, because I was so confused!" Couric said.

Once she finished processing what was going on, Couric is said to have "ecstatically" accepted. She's been dating Molner for nearly two years.

Couric also stopped by ABC15 in Phoenix on Aug. 22 to spend time with the Katie Raml, Steve Irvin and dozens of crew members.

Couric said she loves social media, especially Twitter, and loves how people have reached out to her about various topics, including personal stories about family.

She said if anyone knows about good stories happening in Arizona, especially heroes in your community, you can contact her through social media.

Her Twitter account is @KatieCouric and you can also visit her show's Facebook page.

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