Homeless man who spoke for Miley Cyrus at VMAs has criminal record

After the emotional acceptance speech made by a homeless man in lieu of an appearance by Miley Cyrus , the nation was left wanting to know his story.

As it turns out, the man, 22-year-old Jesse Helt, has a criminal background as well as a noted past as a homeless youth.

According to ABC News , Helt was arrested in 2010 for "criminal mischief" and "attempted burglary", but was later charged with "criminal trespassing" instead. The incident was reportedly related to an instance when he tried to enter an apartment during a "marijuana dispute", ABC says .

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Helt was sentenced to probation, but failed to complete tests and attend meetings, so a warrant went out for his arrest the next year.

Helt's mother reportedly spoke out saying that the warrant is active in Oregon, where he is expected to return to on a trip to visit his family.

Cyrus gave Helt money to return to Oregon, according to ABC .

Cyrus connected with the man at a Los Angeles-based shelter for homeless youth, My Friend's Place.

According to The Oregonian , Helt attended school in Oregon and received a GED. He moved to Los Angeles to try and "make it on his own," and get out of bad living situations, his mother said.

When Cyrus invited Helt to make a speech at the awards show, he addressed the struggles of homeless youth and importance of making a change.

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