Did Taylor Swift crash Kyle Kennedy-Liam Kerr wedding?

Taylor Swift is getting attention Wednesday over claims she showed up uninvited to a Kennedy wedding over the weekend.

The country star, 22, is reportedly dating 18-year-old Conor Kennedy, son of the late Mary Kennedy .

FOXNews.com said Swift attended to Kyle Kennedy-Liam Kerr wedding in Boston, but the mother of the bride apparently asked her twice to leave.

She reportedly did not want Swift to detract from the bride's big day.

Victoria Gifford Kennedy said Conor was invited, but did not RSVP.

He sent a text message the day of the wedding asking if they could come, but Gifford Kennedy said they could not, according to the article.

When the Grammy winner showed up, some people reportedly asked for photos and autographs and the mother of the bride asked her to leave.

BostonHerald.com said the couple left the event during dinner and later returned to the reception.

Swift's rep, Paula Erikson, said the story is not true and that the singer was invited to the wedding.

The bride was also thankful for her presence, according to that report. Read more.

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