Cheryl Burke Bachelorette? 'Dancing With the Stars' pro met with producers

PHOENX - Professional dancer Cheryl Burke on "Dancing With the Stars" could be the next "Bachelorette", according to E! News.

The 28-year-old met with producers to talk about a possible appearance on "The Bachelorette", or other ABC shows, E! News reported. 

However, Bachelorette producers reportedly don't want Burke to be on the show because they typically don't cast celebrities.

In the article, E! News reported that ABC producers might see her as a good fit for the show because she could boost ratings.

Burke reportedly has had her own struggles with love. E! News reported that she wants to be on the show because she believes it's a chance for her to find true love.

In response to people asking why she would need a television show to find a date, Burke told E! News, "I want to be in a relationship. I've been so married to my work lately that it's been a struggle to find a boyfriend, or find someone to talk to. I haven't had a proper date in two, three years."

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