Arnold Schwarzenegger opens up about cheating on Maria Shriver, secret son

Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed how he was confronted by Maria Shriver over his secret son in a new tell-all book out this week.

In "Total Recall," the former California governor explains that his ex-wife waited until he left office to meet with a therapist in January 2011, according to Good Morning America .

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During the counseling session Schwarzenegger was reportedly asked about his son with his housekeeper, Mildred Baena, and he admitted to fathering the child.

GMA said he confessed to cheating on his then-wife in 1996 in the family's guest house.

Shriver and the children were out of town and he was filming "Batman and Robin," according to GMA.

Shriver filed for divorce, but Schwarzenegger said in the book he hopes to reunite with her. Read more .

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