VIDEO: ABC15 hosts town hall on SB1062

PHOENIX - How does Arizona Senate Bill 1062 make you feel?

ABC15 hosted a community conversation on Monday night to look at the highly polarizing implications.

With all eyes on our state, the nation is waiting to see how Governor Brewer responds to the controversial bill. It's sitting on her desk for a signature or veto.

You can watch our town hall in the attached video player. Representatives from around our state were part of the conversation including:

Jeremy Duda - AZ Capitol Times political reporter
Paul Bender - ASU Constitutional Lawyer
Barry Broome - Greater Phoenix Economic Council
State Sen. Anna Tovar - Dem. Minority Leader
State Rep. Chad Campbell - Dem. Minority Leader
State Sen. Al Melvin - Tucson Republican
State Rep. Justin Olson - Mesa Republican
Danny Ortega - Phoenix Attorney/Civil Rights Leader
Rev. Luther Holland - First Inst. Baptist Church
Angela Hughey - ONE Community President
Doug Napler - Alliance Defending Freedom
Cathi Herrod - Center for Arizona Public Policy

This “Religious Freedom" bill  - as many call it - would allow business owners to deny service to customers based on their religious beliefs.

Supporters say the bill protects the religious freedom guaranteed to every Arizonan. Opponents say the legislation would lead to businesses discriminating against people, such as those in same-sex unions.  

We encourage you to ask your questions and share your comments right now on social media.

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Governor Brewer has five days to make a decision once the bill hits her desk. If the past few days are any indication of the passion, her decision is likely to stir debate no matter the result.

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