HONOREE #2: ABC15 and Sanderson Ford Salute Arizona Veteran Larry Osment

HONOREE: Larry Osment, NOMINATOR: Connie Warren

Larry sustained severe combat injuries when he volunteered to go to the aid of another battalion whose medic had been killed during enemy gunfire. When he arrived, the unit was still being attacked and as Larry was providing medical assistance to the wounded men, he, himself was shot multiple times.

Although gravely injured, Larry "played dead" for over 24 hours, since enemy forces remained in the immediate area pilfering belongings of the dead soldiers and shooting anyone that moved. American troops finally arrived and rescued the barely-alive Larry. After many months of surgeries and recuperation, Larry was discharged from the military, earning many citations for bravery, including the Purple Heart.

The amazing thing about my brother, is that he has spent the rest of his life still helping others in need.

He has traveled around the world building churches in impoverished countries. On a regular basis, he donates his own time and money to collect and distribute religious materials, clothing and building supplies to towns in Mexico. During the Christmas holidays, he collects or buys toys and warm clothing to distribute to the less fortunate. He repairs automobiles, at greatly reduced costs (many times for free) to those unable to pay. When his funds run short, I have known him to "borrow" from friends and family so that he can respond to an immediate need for assistance to help others.

He never seeks public recognition for his good works and he is truly one of America's "unsung" heroes.

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