Help rescue dogs from Thailand's blackmarket dog meat trade

Lynn Peterson, the Director of Media Outreach at says there are many ways viewers can help abused and tortured dogs rescued from Thailand's illegal dog meat trade.

There are three ways your viewers can help: 

1. Adopt a rescued dog by contacting Gregg Tully at

2.  If people have trips planned to Thailand, they can become a "flight volunteer." There are hundreds of adopted dogs at Soi Dog who have families in the states waiting for them, they just need someone to help transport them to the states. It does not cost anything. Volunteers just need to be willing to check the dog onto the airlines in Thailand. Soi Dog will pay all of the extra costs and facilitate all of the paperwork/logistics with the airlines and adoptive families (Contact Gregg Tully at  )

3. Donate to (designated to the Soi Dog Meat trade) 

A $12 donation through the Soi Dog Gifts that Gives More program - will provide all of the food and medical care needed to care for one dog rescued from the illegal meat trade in Thailand for a month.

Those who chose to donate $50 or more they will receive this beautiful Sand-cast Peace Dove Ornament as a special thank-you this holiday season. 


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