Sandbags at Phoenix fire stations

Below are the Phoenix fire stations where citizens can pick up sand bags. Officials say you need to bring your own medium-sized garbage bags (double bagged) and shovels. Sand will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

FS 11- 2727 E Roosevelt St

FS 26- 3301 W Rose Ln

FS 31- 5730 E Thunderbird Rd

FS 36- 21602 N 9th Av

FS 39- 2276 W Southern Av

FS 40- 3838 N 83rd Av

FS 43- 4110 E Chandler Bl

FS 48- 5230 W Happy Valley Rd

FS 49- 3750 E Dynamite Bl

FS 52- 21650 N Tatum Bl

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